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- animated short -


This beautifully crafted animation is a free interpretation of a Kafkian tale “before the law”. A peasant comes across ahuge gate with a fearsome guardian and wishes to pass.

The music won best original score (short) at the International Music and Sound Awards, London, 2016.

N9ve gave me total freedom to create something for their piece. I decided I wanted to explore atonal and abstract early 20th century music, the jarring, tense, rich and uncomfortable sounds of exploring the boundaries of tonal and atonal compositions. I thought it would marry well with the austere and strange hand-drawn world of the story, and set the tone for the dark, sad tale.


I asked long-time collaborator Sasha Agranov to come in to record fragments of guided and free improvisations on his baroque cello, that I later sculpted in many layers into the final music, and we had an amazingly productive session. His input was so brilliant, including long sections of improvised melodies that fitted perfectly, that I asked N9ve to change the composing credit to include Sasha.