- Title Sequence -


Aimée, the director of Atelier – a boutique postgraduate course in Barcelonafor graphic designers and media – invited me to participate in the OFFF Open Titles for 2014. The team conceived a beautiful, flowing, visually poetic piece about the highs and lows of relationships. A cycle of never-ending ups and downs as two people’s lives intertwine.

The piece went on to win best title sequence at SXSW Film Festival 2016, in Austin, Texas, USA, where it competed against major hollywood film productions.


I improvised the piano piece, while watching an early draft. I used a very close-mic technique to get an intimate piano sound, where you can hear the mechanics of the piano. After picking one of the improvisations I layered various new takes on top to create more textures and a counter-melody.

The visual team then adjusted the sync of the shots to fit even tighter with the music and then finally I worked on some subtle sound design. After trying out many ideas to create a sonic language that could work with so many different scenes, I finally settled on minimal fragments of laughter, arguments, whispers and other intimate, personal moments that flow in and out of the music like a dream.