- How did I end up here? -



I’m not really into creating traditional or orchestral soundtracks.  I have created scores from sculpting abstract atonal cello improvisations, digitally manipulated voices, pianos with mics stuffed inside and a battered indian violin, sample heavy urban pop, trad jazz, glitchy urban cut and paste electronica…like so many of my fellow musicians who are just in love with music itself, I can’t stop exploring. And I don’t want to.

When I was younger I was always told off for jumping around from one instrument to another, one style to another.  I couldn’t settle. I found everything fascinating and couldn’t understand why someone would learn just one tiny corner of this.

Classical piano soon led to jazz and pop, percussion, guitar, drums…then I had a major “Aha!” moment when I discovered electronic music. I couldn’t understand how it worked. I was hooked. Soon followed sample-heavy, abstract electronic releases on underground labels, strange synthesised sound worlds, art installations, producing other artists and then eventually on to applying all this knowledge to music for the media.

I soon began to realise that working to image was really powerful stuff.  Anything goes as long as it works.   The music can lift the images, or pull a story in a totally new direction, and in return the images can add depth and power the music.

Another “Aha!”

And during this process, I get to see music through the eyes of other creatives, often ones who (claim to) have very limited musical knowledge or understanding.  Through our collaboration I get to see my own music from a totally new perspective and if their intuitions are strong, they will pull me in directions I would never have thought of.

So now, by collaborating with experts in storytelling I am moving far away from the fascinating  inner mechanics of music to a whole new level – how music, even just the slightest hint, in the midst of a powerful story, can make someone laugh, cry, hope, despair…it’s a whole new world to explore.

Simon Smith - Film Composer and musician, Barcelona